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Jay Forrest

Dr. Jay N. Forrest is a Spiritual Naturalist and a Humanist Meditation Teacher. Jay is a Council Member of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, as well as being an ordained Humanist Celebrant and a member of the American Humanist Association. Jay is also a Certified Meditation Teacher, having been trained in both Zen and Vipassana meditation practices. Jay has taken courses in Buddhism from Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Virginia. He is also on Staff with the Secular Buddhist Association.

Before becoming a Spiritual Naturalist and a Humanist, Jay was a Pentecostal Evangelical Pastor for over two decades. He was a Christian minister with several denominations, including The International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Jay did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Berean University, and received his Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University.

Jay is the author of eight books, including his best-selling book, Practical Buddhism: Wisdom for Everyday Life. He has written hundreds of articles for websites, newspapers, and magazines such as The Houston Chronicle, Be Still Magazine, The Cutting Edge, Patheos, and is a contributing writer for the Spiritual Naturalist Society.

Jay is the host of Nature is Sacred, a podcast exploring a spirituality of nature. Jay has also appeared as a guest on other podcasts including The Secular Buddhist PodcastThe Next Half by Tony RussellLiving Your Yoga TVand others.

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Continuing Education


• Climate Change: The Science (Sara Harris), University of British Columbia,Vancouver, BC, Canada 2016.

• Introduction to Environmental Science (Andy Friedland), Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 2016.

• ChinaX - Parts 1-5 (Peter K. Bol and William C. Kirby), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2016.
• Buddhism Through Its Scriptures (Charles Hallisey), Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, 2016.
• Introduction to Spiritual Naturalism (B. T. Newberg), Spiritual Naturalist Society, Houston, TX, 2016.
• The Conscious Mind - A Philosophical Road Trip (Dan Lloyd), Trinity College Hartford, CT, 2016.
• Chinese Thought: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science Part 1 & 2 (Edward Slingerland), University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada, 2016
• Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World: Lesser Vehicle (David Francis Germano), University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 2015.
• The Science of Happiness (Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas), University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 2015.
• Buddhism and Modern Psychology (Robert Wright), Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 2014.
• Introduction to Insight Meditation (Sally Armstrong), Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA, 2014.
• The Ten Gates: An Exploration of Fundamental Buddhist Practices (Thay Phap Hai), Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA, 2013
• Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (Gil Fronsdal), Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City, CA, 2012.
• The Life of the Buddha and His Message (Philip Karl), Nalandabodhi Center, Seattle, WA, 2012.
• Moment by Moment (Thich Chan Phap Hai, Thich Chan Phap Ho, and Sister Chan Bich Nghiem), Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA, 2012
• The Story of Zen, Ashoka eDharma Learning Center, Province, MA, 2011.
• Meditation for Life (Martine Batchelor), Ashoka eDharma Learning Center, Province, MA, 2011.
• The Legacy of Chan (Master Sheng Yen), Ashoka eDharma Learning Center, Province, MA, 2011.
• The Buddha’s Teaching As It Is (Bhikkhu Bodhi), Ashoka eDharma Learning Center, Province, MA, 2011.
• The Nonviolent Communication Training Course (Marshall Rosenberg), Center for Nonviolent Communication, Albuquerque, NM, 2010.
• History of Ancient Egypt (Bob Brier), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2010
• The Religions of India (Diana Eck), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2009.
• Religions of the Axial Age: An Approach to the World’s Religions (Mark W. Muesse), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2008.
• From Yao to Mao: 5000 Years of Chinese History (Kenneth J. Hammond), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2008.
• Particle Physics for Non-Physicists: A Tour of the Microcosmos (Steven Pollock), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2008.
• Great World Religions: Buddhism (Malcolm David Eckel), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2008.
• Buddhism (Malcolm David Eckel), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2008.
• Certified Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, 2007.
• Biblical Studies, Ames Bible College, Fort Myers, Fl., 2007.
• Jesus and the Gospels (Luke Timothy Johnson), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• Historical Jesus (Bart D. Ehrman), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication (Bart D. Ehrman), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• After the New Testament: The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers (Bart D. Ehrman), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• New Testament (Bart D. Ehrman), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• From Jesus to Constantine: A History of Early Christianity (Bart D. Ehrman), The Teaching Company, Chantilly, VA, 2006.
• Evangelism, Mercy Street Ministries, Alma, AR, 2006.
• Seminary Training, The Liberal Catholic Institute of Studies, Ojai, CA, 2005-2006
• Christian Service, The Order of St. James, Cooper, TX, 2005.
• Herbal Medicine, Barnes & Noble University, New York, NY, 2005.
• Pastoral Ministry, Cathedral University, Los Angeles,CA, 2005.
• Bipolar, Medical Education Collaborative, Golden, CO, 2003.
• Church Planting, Southwestern Christian University Graduate School, Oklahoma City, OK, 2003. 2002 
• Church Planting, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Albuquerque, NM, 2002.
• Legal Concerns, The Universal Priesthood of Christ Jesus Bible School, 2001.
• Bible, The Universal Priesthood of Christ Jesus Bible School, 2001.
• Bible, Goodlettsville Church of Christ School, Goodlettsville, TN, 1998.



Published Articles

The Houston Chronicle (numerious)
The Siritual Naturalist Society (numerious)
Patheos (numerious)

Christian Articles
Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology
"A Sacred Thirst," Be Still, issue #53 (PDF)
"The School of the Spirit," Be Still, issue #30 (PDF)
"The Truth About Santa Claus," Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Ireland.
"What is a World View?" Free Courses.
"God’s Inspired Standard," Free Courses.
"Is Jesus Christ God?" Free Courses.
"Counterfeit Christians," Free Courses.

Published Books
Secular Buddhism: An Introduction, J.F. Books (2016).
Humanism, God and the Bible, J.F. Books (2016).
Practical Buddhism: Wisdom for Everyday Life, 5 Minute Dharma (2015).
Does God Exist?: Evaluating the Evidence for God and the Bible, Forrest Publications (2015).
Gnostic Christianity: Reviving an Ancient Christianity, Christianos Theologia (2010).
Christian Theology: Biblical, Devotional, Spiritual, Innovative, Christianos Theologia (2008).
Biblical Counseling: And the Self-Esteem Heresy.  Christianos Theologia (2008).
The Deeper Life, CafePress (2004).

Guest on Podcasts
Living Your Yoga podcast by Melissa West on "Aversion."
Living Your Yoga podcast by Melissa West on "Desire."
The Next Half podcast by Tony Russell.
The Secular Buddhist (Episode 236) Podcast by Ted Meissner.

The Secular Buddhist (Episode 252) Podcast by Ted Meissner.
Talk Geek To Me #24 by DeepGeek

Current Podcasts
Nature Is Sacred (Host)
Spiritual Naturalism Today (Technical Director)

Archived Podcasts
The Jay Forrest Show Archive (Host)

5 Minute Dharma Archive (Host)

Past Podcasts
Gnostic Podcast (Host)
Linux User Podcast (Host)

Jay's Active Memberships
• The Spiritual Naturalist Society
• The Religious Naturalist Association
• The American Humanist Association
• The Clergy Project
• The International Society for Philosophers
• The Western Positive Psychology Association
• The Philosophy Foundation
• Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
• New Stoa
• The International Association of Internet Broadcasters

• Mind Body Network

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