An Evidence-Based Life

 Truth is the correspondence between a claim and reality. Evidence, coherence, and the success of the practical application of the claim are the tests of truth. 

How do you know if a claim is true? By weighing the evidence. Evidence is a set of facts or information indicating whether a claim is true or not. Evaluating the evidence means weighing the strength of the facts or information supporting a claim.

If you are going to believe something, you should have good reasons for doing so. Those reasons are called evidence. You should follow the evidence.

If the truth is important, and evidence indicates what is true, then we should live an evidence-based life. If you value truth, you must value the evidence. Truth is found by following the evidence.

A religion that can't be tested can't be trusted. Comfort and truth seldom travel the same road. Many times discomfort is a sign you are beginning the pierce the veil of ignorance. 

Jay Forrest


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