Minimalism One Shelf at a Time

Sometimes we read about minimalism and we want to do the entire house in a day. This rarely happens. Usually, we get tired, quit, and are done trying.

Recently I have tried a new method. One shelf at a time. The idea is that if you take small steps a journey of a thousand miles does not seem as overwhelming.

For example, I minimalized our spice shelf one day. And today I minimalized the shelf above it. It is great how it feels to open a cupboard and see a well-organized shelf.

Here is a secret, if you eliminate enough stuff and shelf becomes easy to organize. YOu can organize your stuff because you have too much stuff.

Just take out each item, hold it in your hand, and ask yourself, "Do I need this?" Not will I need this, but do I need this now. Have I used it in the last 6 months? If not, get rid of it.

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