No Longer Smiling about Amazon

Amazon had a program where when you shop at, Amazon would donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to a charity of your choice. I chose Buddhist Global Relief, started by Bhikkhu Bodhi. They have received over $12,396 through this program.

But on February 20, 2023, Amazon will discontinue the\is program, which was called AmazonSmile. I am not pleased with this decision. It was nice to know that I was helping a charity I believe in. But Amazon has decided to take my choice away and give to charities of their choice.

Like in every other area of American life, we are getting fewer and fewer choices about things that really matter. There are 28 types of bagels, but you only have two candidates for president. 

Amazon does not have the best track record for making ethical decisions. Just one more reason to shop elsewhere when you can. I would also encourage you to consider domaining to Buddhist Global Relief if you can.

Jay Forrest


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