Simple Intro to Reasoning

A claim is a statement that is either true or false. In older textbooks, this was called a proposition.

Reality is the way things actually are. This refers to experience, existence, and actuality, not the words about it.

Truth is the correspondence between a claim and reality. Claims vary in the amount of detail they cover and the clarity of the terms used. No claim can ever capture the fullness of reality.

A claim is like a map and reality is like the territory. Just like you shouldn't mistake the map for the territory, likewise, you shouldn't mistake the truth for reality.

It must be remembered that knowing the truth is not the same thing as experiencing reality. And the whole point of the Buddhist journey is to arrive at the really real.

And finally, Buddhism is not the only map. There are many fine maps out there that will get you far in the spiritual journey. But only Buddhism leads to Nirvana.

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