Tangle of Views

Every viewpoint is legitimate but limited. People really do see things from that perspective. The problem is that people think their limited perspective is the whole truth. It is not.

Part of awakening is realizing one's limited and distorted view of reality. It is a process of unlearning just as much as learning. We have been conditioned to ignore parts of our everyday experience. This habit has to be overcome.

Right view is about seeing reality as it actually is, not how we imagine it is. Our wanting mind distorts reality into a self-centered construct. A pure fiction that leaves us befuddled and confused. We are fettered by wrong view, chained by selfish desire.

Meditation is about discovering these distortions and twists in the mind. It is about seeing how the mind works, how it conditions our actions and reactions. It is about discovering the true nature of things.

Jay Forrest


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