This is Just My Opnion

Although I signal my clear intent that this blog is my "personal reflections" I know someone will get offended.

We all come from different backgrounds, were raised in different cultures, and have different experiences and knowledge. Therefore misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable. 

So please understand that this blog is sharing my personal opinion from my personal perspective. So when you are reading this blog, understand that everything is prefaced with "in my personal opinion." 

I realize that I may be wrong, but I am not asking you to correct me. It is not your job to straighten me out. So please, don't presume to be my teacher. You can share as a friend, but try to refrain from trying to be my master.

And I really do realize that I may be wrong. In fact, I am sure I am mistaken about a number of things. Simply asking me if I have considered such and such, is a better strategy. I am open to those that speak out of kindness rather than self-righteousness. And so is everyone else.

Speak kindly, with the aim of understanding rather than correcting. Part of right view is realizing that there are different perspectives from which a person may see something and that viewpoints are just maps, they are not the territory.

So just remember, this whole blog is nothing but the limited and flawed opinion of an old man who has been on the journey for over four decades. And just like watermelon, spit out the seeds.  In other words, use what you can and leave the rest.

Jay Forrest


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