Three Levels of Buddhism

 I think one of the most important things I discovered about Buddhism is that it has three levels.

The first level is for those who want a better rebirth. These are the folks that just want to go to heaven and avoid hell. Buddhism tells you how to do that. But remember, in Buddhism heavens and hells are not permanent. 

The second level is for those who want peace of mind. This is why a lot of secular people are interested in Buddhism. Its methods of calming the mind and overcoming negative emotions are so successful that psychology has adopted mindfulness in many of the most successful psychotherapies.

The third level is for those who want to escape conditioned existence. This was the Buddha's original intent. Nirvana is the name of this complete liberation from the cycle of rebirth. 

The great thing about the third level is that you get the other two thrown in for free. Practicing for liberation from rebirth makes you a kind and good person, one who meditates and free there mind from distortions, which gives one peace of mind and prepares them to gain the wisdom needed for escape. 

Jay Forrest


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