Encouraging the Butcher

The Buddha said: 

Bhikkhus, one possessing four qualities is deposited in hell as if brought there. What for? He himself destroys life; he encourages others to destroy life; he approves of the destruction of life; and he speaks in praise of the destruction of life. One possessing these four qualities is deposited in hell as if brought there (AN 4. 264 Bodhi).

It is clearly bad karma to "encourage others to destroy life." Another translation renders it "they encourage others to kill living creatures" (AN 4. 264 Sujato). The word translated as "encourage" is samādapeti in the Pali language. It means "to cause to take, to incite, rouse" (PTS Pali English Dictionary). 

Clearly paying someone to kill and butcher an animal for you is encouraging them "to kill living creatures." I can't think of a more powerful encouragement or incentive to get the butcher to kill an animal than money. As they say, "Money makes the world go round."

Those that "encourage others to kill living creatures" will be "cast down to hell" (AN 4.264 Sujato). Just let that soak in. If you butcher animals or you cause others to butcher them you will be "deposited in hell as if brought there" (A"N 4. 264 Bodhi). 

Even if you don't believe in hell, it is clear that buying animal products is bad karma. And bad karma will block your awakening. You cannot make much spiritual progress and continue to eat meat. At some point, you will have to stop encouraging "others to destroy life" with your money.

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