Original Buddhism 101

Here is a simple introduction to Buddhism, explained in simple and clear terms. This is the result of over a decade of intense study and practice. I hope it helps you better understand Buddhism.

Karma means that our intentional actions condition our future actions and that all intentional actions have consequences.

It is because of karma that we are reborn again and again. There is no known beginning to this cycle of rebirth. 

This endless cycle of rebirth is not good, rather it is filled with endless suffering and misfortune. We are born, we get sick, lose the ones we love, grow old and decrepit, and then we die. Sometimes, depending on our karma, we are born in a good destination, but often times we are reborn in hell.

The cause of this endless cycle of rebirth is the wanting mind, which is conditioned by our intentional choices manifested in our thoughts, words, and deeds. This wanting mind is seen in our attachments, aversions, and delusions. It is the wanting mind that wants to live, have fun, enjoy life, and feed its selfish desires.

In order to break the cycle of rebirth, one must break free of the chains of the wanting mind. This can and has been done. It is called nirvana, the unbinding of the fetters and distortions that keep you bound. It is the complete liberation from the prison of rebirth. 

The way to break free is to follow the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path of right view, right resolve, right action, right speech, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right meditation. This requires study, understanding, and practice. It is the only way to get free from the cycle of rebirth.

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