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Deeper into Minimalism

I embraced minimalism several years ago. The people I was living with did not. They tolerated some of the changes. As I moved to becoming more environmentally conscious, they were not interested. I had become odd. Now that I am moving into my own apartment, I can make the changes I want. I am going much deeper into minimalism, some would say even extreme. No bed, almost no furniture, and I am only keeping the essentials.  I recently heard a YouTuber say that essentialism might be a better word. Which I guess might be better-called essentialism. Since I only buy what I absolutely need, and try to use things for multiple purposes. But minimalism is the better-known word, so I will continue using it. I am also trying to be environmentally friendly. So I am making mindful choices when I buy cleaning products, such as laundry detergent (ECOS),  dish soap (Method), and general-purpose cleaner (Seventh Generation).  I am learning a lot on my journey. It has not been easy, and not everybody is

My Weight Loss Journey

In about 6 months I have gone from 126 lb to 175 lb, as of today.  People always ask how I did it. I know it took discipline and restricted eating to do this. I also know that most people won't do it. It is hard enough for people to go fully vegan. So what I did was I ate whole food plant-based vegan meals that contain little or no added salt, oil, or sugar. I avoid things that are processed. If it comes with a label, I read it very carefully. It is amazing how much oil is in things. Vegan coffee creamer, for example. No diet gets you everything you need. Vegans have to think about B12, Omega 3's, and if you don't get enough sun, vitamin D3 (vegan). I supplement with a B12 vitamin and a vegan D vitamin. I also try to add flaxseed to at least one meal a day. This is so I get my omega-3s. I also eat oil-free Nori seaweed. I feel better than ever. I also walk a lot more than I used to. I drink water, tea, or occasionally a cup of coffee.  This is my journey, I do not preach to

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