Deeper into Minimalism

I embraced minimalism several years ago. The people I was living with did not. They tolerated some of the changes. As I moved to becoming more environmentally conscious, they were not interested. I had become odd.

Now that I am moving into my own apartment, I can make the changes I want. I am going much deeper into minimalism, some would say even extreme. No bed, almost no furniture, and I am only keeping the essentials. 

I recently heard a YouTuber say that essentialism might be a better word.

Which I guess might be better-called essentialism. Since I only buy what I absolutely need, and try to use things for multiple purposes. But minimalism is the better-known word, so I will continue using it.

I am also trying to be environmentally friendly. So I am making mindful choices when I buy cleaning products, such as laundry detergent (ECOS),  dish soap (Method), and general-purpose cleaner (Seventh Generation). 

I am learning a lot on my journey. It has not been easy, and not everybody is supportive. Being a Vegan Buddhist makes me a minority among minorities.

Anagārika Jay

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