Living Without Alcohol

Part of my spirituality includes the five precepts of Buddhism. The fifth precept says to avoid intoxicants that cloud the mind. This includes both drugs and alcohol.

For this reason, I don't drink any alcohol. No wine, beer, or hard liquor. In fact, I pretty much only drink water, tea, almond milk, and an occasional Coke Zero.

I believe that this is helped me become healthier and lose weight. As I write this, I now weigh 173 lb. This is normal weight for me. It's the first time I've been a normal weight in many, many years.

I don't do a lot of socializing, so I have no real pressure to drink. Since becoming a Buddhist, I've only had a beer or two several times. But I haven't had anything for over a year. And I won't have anything in the future.

Just like everything else, this is just my journey and my story. I don't preach to anybody, about anything. I just share my story. If it inspires you, great! If it doesn't apply, let it go.

Anagārika Jay

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