Careful About One Thing Only

Jay Forrest

“Be careful about one thing only,” says the Lord - “your relationship with Me.” - Oswald Chambers (cf. Matthew 6:25)

Stop getting distracted by a hundred and one nonessential things. Stay focused Jay. The only thing that really matters is your relationship with God. It doesn’t matter whether the Bible is inerrant, what matters is that God is inerrant.

Stop buying books. Seriously, stop! The only thing you should be buying is a good Bible and books on prayer and solitude. And then read them. Pray them. Focus on living the Way instead of studying the Way. You learn in the doing.

Again, all questions should come back to how this affects my relationship with God. If it interferes with my prayer time, my solitude, or my spirituality, it should be avoided. This includes family and friends. God must be first.

But family is second. Their relationship with God should be the priority here. Sacrifice for their good. Spend quality time with them, but not at the expense of your prayer life.

Remember, be careful about one thing only, your relationship with God.

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Jay N. Forrest is a Christian mystic in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. He is the author of The Deeper Life: Finding God on the Mystic Path.

Jay N. Forrest was an ordained Pentecostal minister for over two decades pastoring churches in Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennesse, and Arizona. He did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Global University, and he received his Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Certified Meditation Teacher and a full-time hospice chaplain.

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